IQ Paw Puzzle for Dogs


IQ Paw Puzzle is an interactive puzzle toy that sparks your dog's intelligence! This easy-level toy engages your pup's cognitive skills, challenging them to unlock hidden compartments and solve fun puzzles. Crafted with premium materials, the IQ Paw Puzzle is built to withstand endless play sessions. Watch as your furry friend's IQ soars while they enjoy hours of brain-boosting fun!

Product Information:
Mental Stimulation: IQ puzzles engage a dog's brain, providing mental exercise and keeping their minds sharp.
Relieves Boredom: Interactive puzzles alleviate boredom and prevent destructive behavior by providing a stimulating and entertaining activity.
Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: Dogs learn problem-solving skills, patience, and critical thinking by figuring out how to manipulate the puzzle to obtain a reward.
Convenient and Easy to Clean: It's lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry on outings or trips. Additionally, it's made from durable and machine-washable materials, ensuring hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
Safety advisory: Please remember to supervise your dog while using the toy and ensure it is not intended for chewing to maintain safety.
Product colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow
Product Material: Plastic
Difficulty Level: Easy
Life stage range: Suitable for dogs of all ages.

Size Information:

Dimensions: L 11.8 in x W 13.5 in x H 2.7 in ( Approx. measurements)

Weight: 1.55 lb

Package Contents: 1 Toy (Treats NOT included)